DreAm.giRl,drEam.on (divacarebear) wrote,

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My chest hurts.

I'm sick, and it's bad down in my chest.
I get to go see Matt tonight at C.P.I. !!
He gets out the day after Christmas, so we're going to celebrate a day late.
Danielle, Scott and Eryn are getting a ferret today when the kids get home from school.
It's my dads Christmas present to them, early.

I'm not working right now, just living off of child support from my parents, really.
I'm enrolled to start school at OCC on Jan. 12, 2009, for the nursing program.
I've got Math, Eng Comp, Psych and Biology, at no cost to me because I got a federal pell grant. (Thank goodness).

Well, I've got to feed Eryn some lunch, and put her down.
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