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Life Always Changes, but Somehow stays the Same.

Heeeyyy. Well, what can I say? Even I don't know where the fuck my life is going. Or where it is, for that matter.
Nothing bad, but nothing really fantastic either.
I got fired and I'm back in this situation where I have no money. I just bought a new car, and the fuckin' insurance is ridiculous on it.
I'm not depressed, I'm actually not too worried about it at all.

I'm just complaining because I don't have the money I would like to have right now to spend on the things I don't even need so much. *LOL* You know what I mean?

I'm good with my family; all of them. I love that.
I've dropped the people that are no good for me, and an addicting habit that was ruining my life.
I have a few great relationships with amazing people. You know who you are. ;)
I have been running into a lot of old friends, good friends, who I'll have to go smoke some fatties with somtime soon. when I get the money to buy anything but poop schwag

Jen, my roomate from NYC, came to Michigan for her first time last week, in an effort to save me. From what? I have no fucking clue. Something about where is my "star". Right FUCKIN' here. haha I don't know.

I still smoke. Cigarettes.
Of course I still smoke my daily medication, as well.
I drink. Chill. Talk. Drive. All of the same ol' shit.

I don't know why I keep babbling on...just wanted to drop in and say hello to this Old World Journal.
Hello, and in case I don't see ya-
"Good afternoon, Good evening and Goodnight..."
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