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oh man. one of my favorite people from back in the day just got back in contact with me, and now I can start learning all over again!.! and she is the BEST guide!!. she is the one who taught me everything I knew back when I knew anything..

she must have "known" somehow that I have been trying to get in touch with her...I'm pretty damn excited...she is getting a call as SOON as I get back into town on Tuesday.
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OK, is this me or another Alicia???

(I'm hoping it's me- I miss you!)

Love and Kisses

Alicia / Ravyn/ The Nutbar
it is DEFINATELY YOU!!! hahahaha! how have you been lady? where are you staying now? i had been trying to get ahold of you for some time now. i would love to see you....i miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Alicia


May 7 2006, 06:27:55 UTC 11 years ago

I'm in Davison with my WONDERFUL hubby of 2 yrs. Your dad knows Jim, and works with him. We are very happy (he is the one I broke up with because Sonya (the %$!&*) told me to. Oy, I'm an idiot. :-) I want you and your dad to come and hang with us, or just you. Or everybody... :-)

Feel free to call me- if you can't for whatever reason, email me and I'll call you. Whichever. I miss you so much, I thought you were just so awesome, and I hate the fact that it seemed like the people in our lives wanted us apart.

I hope you are doing ok.

Love and Kisses