DreAm.giRl,drEam.on (divacarebear) wrote,


Because I don't know what to do.

Stay, or leave?

I am literally tearing myself apart inside.
I cannot think of anything else.

The things in my head keep getting worse and worse.

What do I do?

My head tells me one thing, but my heart is broken.

I don't deserve this.

When was the point that you stopped being my best friend, and felt you needed to lie to me?

I don't know what to do.

I'm torn.
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I'm sorry babe, I hate facing decisions like that!

WOW! You're still a hard core livejournal fan huh? Haha! It's good to hear from you, How are things?
I wouldn't call myself hard core, but I try to update every once in a while... things are alright. We just bought a house in Rose Township - Right between Davisburg and Holly. We are working on that. Still trying to get pregnant... have been at it 2+ years and are about to turn to adoption.

How are you?
Adoption is a great thing, that would be wonderful. I was surprised to see that you are back in Michigan. You are pretty close. Our house is on the edge of Clarkston and Waterford, near Dixie and White Lake Road. I am doing alright. Surviving day to day. I am almost done with my last two classes, then I'll be going into the actual Nursing program, so I'm excited about that. That's about it.