DreAm.giRl,drEam.on (divacarebear) wrote,

All is well in PixieLand....

still no job, but I don't want one.

I got my own apartment; move in Monday the 26th.

I'll have a baby shower on March 10th, because...

Danielle is DUE April 12th, 2007.
I am going to be an aunt!!!

I go to the Bahamas on April 14th - 21st.


And in August, I go to NYC for a visit for the weekend!!
(with a person who still Rocks my world!)

::all smiles::
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SOOO... Hmm... I don't want to call it a problem BUTTTT... My mother overheard me talking about going and now she wants to go. And me, not being able to say no and not really thinking it mattered, said it'd be fine.

I mean... I dunno. She said she's always wanted to go too.......... Heh.

I dunno. If you still wanna go, let's do it but.............. We may have a third party tagging along, at least part of the way.

And hey... Three people means cheaper tickets, right? *LOL* ;)
Awwww, you know I love your mom....and I think we get along pretty well. Cheaper tickets sounds good!! Sooo I don't think that's a problem BUTT......if you guys just want it to be a you and her kind of thing, just let me know.
(hahaha!! I can't believe we're commenting on LJ.)
Hahaha, I was thinkin' the same thing (about the goofiness in commenting on LJ).

Anyway... I don't see what would be wrong in the three of us going. Hell, it'd be cheaper and I think it'd be a lot easier to handle if we went with someone who's already been there, done it. Besides, I dunno about you, but I didn't exactly plan on any of us spending the full four days together (granted, we'd spent a lot of the time together but I always need my daily dose of an hour or two of alone time).

But hey... We got two more months before we need to actually spend the money and make it official about us going. I'm sure that in that time we'll have planned it all and we'll have it all down. FUCK, I gotta get over my fear of airplanes though. Every night I think about it, I get a lil worried that I'm gonna spend the money on a plane ticket and chicken the fuck out.
DANIELLE is pregnant!??!?! what the? how old is she???? I've missed so much!
Oh! well, maybe if you would read the messages i send to your myspace you might know every little detail of my life. BIG SECRETS TOO!!! Hahaha, the last one I sent was like 2 days long though, so I dont blame you for not reading it.
Yes, Danielle is pregnant.
She is 15, but will be 16 on the 27th.
Where are you working these days?
I'd LOVE to read for you. And I'd LOVE to have you back in classes. Call me when you can and we can set something up.

Love you Sasha!


810-965-1517- new RAZR my hubby got me for valentines day. It rox!

I forgot you had this... you should prolly update this again.
I forgot you had this... you should prolly update this again.