DreAm.giRl,drEam.on (divacarebear) wrote,

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Only a stupid mother fucker like me could let that fucking NIGGER get away. :(

I'll come back, though.

Last night was pretty damn fun...especially when Jenna Jamison got there!!! OWOW..
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wow jenna jameson :)

i stumbled upon your journal bc i was wondering who else in lj land liked pot or should i say loved :)
i do but may not ever write about it publically. it is something i do everyday but you would not know to meet me on the street :)

i am also always thinking...should i stop? but of course i never do. i had an lj account a couple of years ago and gave it up. just started a new journal. i have 3 kids am 29 (female) in ATL ga. not a stalker or anything crazy. my journal will probably bore the shit out of you. i friended you bc u like pot and some of your entries are funny :) i think you may be like me when i was 22